Sikkim Tourism
Sh. Bhim Dhungel
Tourism Minister
Government of Sikkim
Environmental Tourism in Sikkim

"Sikkim is very environment conscious. 82% of land in Sikkim are forests. Therefore sustaining the local environment is an important way of life for Sikkim people.

There is a close interaction and plenty of initiatives launched with the help of Wildlife Institution & local NGOs.

Development of infrastructure that is very committed to the environment protection, programs like 10 mins to Earth (afforestation drive) where government provides free saplings to all citizens on every 25th June are undertaken regularly.

Green Drives (stringent permission to fell trees) and other strict guidelines in conjunction with forest department, creation of reserved areas for environment etc.

Glacier commission is also actively working on measures in relation to glacier melting.

More stringent measures have been introduced:

Ban of plastics, grazing, smoking, waste management. Encouragement of local NGOs/self help groups to encourage responsible tourism.

Priority is given to saving endangered species like the red panda."

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