Nagaland Tourism
Sh. K. Yanpanthung Kikon
Director of Tourism
Government of Nagaland
Tourism in Nagaland

"Nagaland, situated at the extreme North-Eastern corner of India, is the 16th State of the Indian Union. The State borders Myanmar on the East. Something unique about Nagaland is that within a small geographical area of about 16,000 sq.kms. it is home to 16 Tribes. Each of the 16 Tribes has distinct traditions and speak different dialects. Nearly 80% of the Naga Tribes live in the villages and inspite of the influence of the Western civilization and spread of education, people living in the villages still hold on to age-old customs and traditions.

Most of the Naga villages are located on hill tops and therefore the salubrious climate and the natural beauty of the mostly unexplored, relatively unpolluted environment the people live in, ought to challenge the adventurous and nature lovers to visit the state. The State Department of Tourism, therefore, is keen to promote tourism in the State with emphasis on cultural tourism and eco-based Rural Tourism as its USP.

With a view to tapping this potential, the State Department of Tourism, in collaboration with other related Departments and NGOs have been celebrating the Annual Hornbill Festival from 1st December to 7th December since the year 2000. The Hornbill Festival is celebrated to showcase the Cultural Heritage of the 16 Naga Tribes at one time under a single roof. The permanent venue of the Hornbill Festival was therefore selected at Kisama – called the Naga Heritage Village – 12 kms from Kohima, the State capital, in order to facilitate the tourists to witness the culture and traditions of the different Naga Tribes at one venue.

The Tourist inflow to Nagaland, at present is nothing to write home about, compared to the touristically advanced States of the country. However, the Hornbill Festival, which is now recognized as an “Annual Event” by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India is gradually attracting the attention of both domestic and international tourists. The State Govt. of Nagaland would like to take the advantage of the increasing popularity of the Annual Hornbill Festival as a launching pad for promoting tourism in a big way so that the socio-economic benefits of a flourishing tourism industry could percolate down to the grass roots for uplift of the people, particularly in the rural areas.

The generous support of the Ministry of Tourism by way of central financial assistance for development of tourist infrastructure such as Rural Tourism projects, Tourist Destinations and Tourist Travel Circuits is deeply appreciated. The infrastructure support being extended will hopefully boost the tourist promotion initiative of the State."

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