Andhra Pradesh Tourism
Sh. Jayesh Ranjan
Department of Tourism
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Tourism is Responsible Driven

"Andhra Tourism is very committed to Responsible tourism. We are already in partnership with WWF and this partnership was established 3 years ago. A number of programs to sensitize local tour operators and travellers are also undertaken. Innovative Tourism products like ‘Cruise on the Godavari' have been launched.

We encourage stay in tented accommodations, avoid litter, plastics, and educate both travellers and tour operators.

Sustainability of the local population in the villages on the river banks, and many other initiatives have been launched.

Sree Sailam Tiger Reserve is a protected area. We do not allow any construction of hotels etc,. it is all community-based rural stay that is encouraged. With minimum accommodation, guidelines are issued to allow maximum of 20-30 visitors each day.

Andhra is also safe, a lot of measures have been undertaken to keep terrorism under control."

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