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Tourism Initiative by the Haryana Government
Pilgrim Journey: The pilgrim's progress in Haryana is deeply rooted in devotion, legend and mythology. Though a number of temples dot the State, the focus of pilgrim movement in Haryana is concentrated in the 48-kosas of land that was once called Kurukshetra. Today, this area primarily covers centres of pilgrimage in modern Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thanesar and Pehowa towns.
Heritage Tourism: In Haryana, you hear the echo of the past everywhere. Its history is a rich tapestry of the ancient, the medieval and the modern. The continuity of its rich past, has been unbroken through ages, with legends of the epic heroes and places of pilgrimage. The resilience of the spirit of its people finds resurgence against a continuous back-drop of invasions and battles – triumphs and conquests! Haryana Tourism has created excellent tourist facilities at historical places.
Farm Holidays: Haryana Tourism has taken the initiative to introduce the concept of Farm Tourism in India. The farms offer you an experience of a lifestyle that's true of a real India - rich in age old traditions, ethnic arts and crafts.
MICE Destination: MICE the new form of business tourism is the fastest growing section of the International tourism market. It caters to various forms of business meetings, international conferences and conventions, events and exhibitions and is slowly but steadily capturing every big hotelier's attention. Being a hot favourite tourist destination, Haryana has come up with MICE Tourism Destination.

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