Attractions of Haryana
Haryana is one of India’s vibrant state’s endowed with magnificent archaeology, diverse topography and celebrates art and culture. This is the land of Indus Valley sites, medieval architectural treasures and also offers buzzing entertainment. Haryana has preserved the best of both the worlds…footprints of the bygone era and a futuristic vision.
Dr. Sumita Misra, IAS
Principal Secretary,
Tourism Department
Government of Haryana
Attracting Tourism in Uttarakhand
The devasting fury of floods and clouds burst has badly hit the tourism sector. Thousands of people who depend on the tourism industry are facing loss of their livelihoods and are looking at uncertainty and poverty. We urge to be humane and do your utmost to give them a chance for a livelihood.
Dr. Umakant Panwar, I.A.S.
Secretary/CEO, UTDB
Department of Tourism
Government of Uttarakhand
Four new tourism circuits in Jammu & Kashmir
Peace in the Valley has created physical space for tourism to expand. For the first time since the beginning of militancy, the Jammu and Kashmir tourism department has move beyond Dal Lake and Mughal gardens to enter separatist strongholds in Srinagar’s old city.
Mr. Talat Parvez
Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Board
Chhattisgarh Tourism Board keen to promote Inter-state packages
Chhattisgarh is the only state with 50 per cent green cover as against the national average of 14 per cent, which is our USP. We are new on the national tourism map and had registered over two lakh domestic visitors and 10,000 foreign tourist in the previous year.
Sh. P. Sen Bhowmick
General Manager
Chhattisgarh Tourism Board
Tourism in Goa

Goa is seriously committed to ongoing campaigns to sensitize tourists and locals. A lot of emphasis is laid upon how to make tourists more responsible. Endangered species like the Olive Ridley turtles are protected by local village help groups and NGOs.

Sh. Swapnil Naik
Department of Tourism
Government of Goa
Proposed Developments in Puducherry Tourism

Tourist arrivals to Pondicherry has increased to 7.5% compared to last year. The recent Oscar Winner "Life of PI" was shooted in Pondicherry. The film has given tremendous publicity in the International Market for Film Tourism in India.

Sh. Lakshmiraman
Manager (Projects)
Department of Tourism
Govt. of Puducherry
Tourism in Nagaland
Nagaland, situated at the extreme North-Eastern corner of India, is the 16th State of the Indian Union. The State borders Myanmar on the East. Something unique about Nagaland is that within a small geographical area of about 16,000 sq.kms. it is home to 16 Tribes.
Sh. K. Yanpanthung Kikon
Director of Tourism
Government of Nagaland
Environmental Tourism in Sikkim

Sikkim is very environment conscious. 82% of land in Sikkim are forests. Therefore sustaining the local environment is an important way of life for Sikkim people. There is a close interaction and plenty of initiatives launched with the help of Wildlife Institution & local NGOs.

Sh. Bhim Dhungel
Tourism Minister
Government of Sikkim
Andhra Tourism is Responsible Driven
Andhra Tourism is very committed to Responsible tourism. We are already in partnership with WWF and this partnership was established 3 years ago. A number of programs to sensitize local tour operators and travellers are also undertaken. Innovative Tourism products like ‘Cruise on the Godavari' have been launched.
Sh. Jayesh Ranjan
Department of Tourism
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Nagaland is a safe heaven for Tourists!
People have to shake off the fear psychosis of terror attacks on them while visiting Nagaland. Insurgent groups have nothing against tourists.
Sh. K.K. Sema
Nagaland Tourism
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