In Conversation
Sh. K.K. Sema
Nagaland Tourism
Nagaland is a safe heaven for Tourists!
“People have to shake off the fear psychosis of terror attacks on them while visiting Nagaland. Insurgent groups have nothing against tourists. i) Not a single case of any tourist being affected has been recorded till now. ii) Rural Areas are the safest place for tourists. As traditionally, the Naga community is required to take care of all guests. And they are very keen on serving the tourists. iii) We have 5-6 good resorts and actively encouraging Rural tourism. Rice beer, traditional culture and hospitality of Nagas is a natural way of life. iv) Nagaland offers a new way of hospitality and service that perhaps is the best in the whole country and North east states. Head hunting is a part of history. We welcome tourists with our open arms.”

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